Monarch Collaborative is a place of evolution, artistry, and community.

Our goal is to uncover the exact vision you have in mind, and mission you have in your heart, to transform that into what we call your Brand Identity. We know your passion digs far deeper than a pretty image, and we’re here to help you tap into the depths of that mission and boldly translate it into a brand that speaks to your ideal audience.

We have everything you need to take your brand to the next level.

Our specialties include brand design, personal brand photography, product photography, and brand strategy.

Working with Monarch Collaborative means tapping into an intuitive team that understands how difficult branding can be, and how vulnerable you might feel along the way.

That’s why we aim to help you feel confident throughout the process, whether that’s helping you boldly show up on camera or showing you how to get the most out of your design elements.

If you’re ready to tap into the entirety of what your brand is capable of, check out our packages and let us show you what’s possible!



Monthly Content Creation

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Meet the Owner

Kayla is a passionate artist with an intimate understanding of the freedom a strong brand can bring to businesses of all sizes. Her awareness of the disconnect between people’s visions and their brands is what inspired her to launch Monarch Collaborative.

Kayla aims to offer unique experiences that empower her clients to show up as their boldest self and feel confident expressing that self through their presence. Whether that entails a brand new logo that speaks to your dream audience, or showing up as your loudest self for a branding photoshoot (even when you feel totally freaked out being on camera!), she knows exactly how to turn it into an experience of a lifetime.

With Kayla, creating your dream brand feels like less of a chore and more of an exciting benefit of being in business for yourself. The depth of her investment in your experience helps you feel confident in the depth of your investment in yourself when you work together.

The Work We Create

Monarch Collaborative creates branding experiences that reach far beyond a basic design package. At the heart of each service is what we call your Brand Identity.

Your Brand Identity encompasses the who, what, and how of your brand. It communicates who you are, what work you do, and how you make an impact in a way that your audience immediately understands, even if they’re brand new to your world.

The freedom you feel knowing your Brand Identity oddly commands your space in your industry is unparalleled. Instead of spending time convincing people to pay attention and continually educating them on who you are, you can simply show up and enjoy being a part of the community you’ve built.

Here's What My Clients Have to Say

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How does this all work, exactly?

Brand Identity Creation

This is a loaded question but the answer is simple- it depends. Brand development starts with the initial creation which is the largest investment. From there, print and digital collateral prices range depending on the needs of each business. You should be ready to invest time and a healthy budget to create and maintain your brand!

The process takes about 4-6 weeks when all the stars align. The final timeline of any design project is dependent on communication time, gathering the necessary materials, and the revision period

Monthly content creation looks a bit different for each brand; some brands need more design work per month, while other brands need more print/packaging work, photography work, or video work. This service is customized but at it’s core is broken up into three VIP days focused on Strategy, Creation, and On-Site coverage. (3 month commitment)

I really value my clients and the time and investment it takes to develop a strong brand and keep it going over time. For that reason, I reserve my time and energy for clients who have done the initial brand development process with me. If you’re ever in the market for a rebrand, feel free to reach out!

That’s not really how it works and yes you do. I am in the business of brand development, and that is much much more than a single logo. The logo is the thing that happens once you nail down all of the important pieces, and I can’t design anything without that foundation.

Yes, of course! However- this requires readiness, a strict timeline, and strong communication. If you can’t commit to this, we are better off booking one service at a time!

Yes, payment plans can be set up with advanced notice. Unless otherwise specified, all package fees are due at the time of booking.


I always encourage prospective clients to take a look around my site and my social media to get a feel for my images- both stylistically and how I pose. Make sure my style of photos aligns with you and your image goals before booking! I don’t do cookie cutter in any sense of the term, not with posing, styling, lighting, or my overall vibe and personality. Technically speaking, in most cases I use only natural light.

Not yet, but one day soon! Typically, I will shoot at your preferred location, whether its your home or office, or a rental location that fits your brand vibe. Unless otherwise noted in your specific package or offering, the rental fee for any space is additional to the package price.

From planning to the final delivery of the photos, the process can take anywhere from 4-8 weeks!  Each session has different goals and may have a different plan including pre-booking hair and makeup, a dream location that books out in advance, or a mock client who is only available on certain days. Either way, we create a plan tailored to you and schedule in a way that works best for everyone! 


Final images are always delivered within 2 weeks of the session date

Your images will be delivered through a personal gallery that is hidden unless the link is shared directly. Through this link you are able to view and download. I give specific download instructions that I pair with the link in your final delivery email. Following these directions makes us both look good!

Your contract allows for personal usage rights, meaning you can use the images on all of your social media accounts and your website, as well as in print and designs. However, for publications, magazines, or use by other brands, there is a different license that will need to be purchased separately.

Yes! I just started offering mini sessions wherever, whenever! Mini sessions are a great way to get to know me and my style to see if we jive for a long term relationship, and are also a great way to grab a few images for a specific project or goal in between fuller sessions.

(I also try to host marathon mini session days seasonally. When you see those special days posted, I recommend jumping on it!)

No, your contract does not require you to tag me. But, credit is always appreciated! Team work makes the dream work!

Get started today in order to create the brand and cohesive visual identity you've been dreaming of.