Brand Photography by Monarch Collaborative

Elevate your online presence with photos that give your audience a true sense of YOU- making you the clear choice out of the sea of many. Personal brand photography showcases you in your element through headshots, behind the scenes shots, and even shots of you working with coworkers or clients.

** Is your brand more product than personal? No such thing, but I get it. Visuals are equally as important for product brands, but the conversation is a bit different. Let’s chat!

Full Brand Photography Experience

A photoshoot experience like no other, all thanks to a system that can’t fail. Feel prepped, ready, and excited to take on the world of photos. With support from start to finish, you will understand the impact of your images, where to use them, and how to get the most out of your investment- and you’ll look amazing doing it! 

1. Strategy

  • Brandy identity questionnaire to get down to the roots of your brand
  • Image audit to fine-tune your shot list
  • Customized shoot plan that lays out the who, what, where, when, and how to dress!
  • Pinterest/mood board development to bring your brand to life through props, lighting, poses, hair & makeup inspo, and more

2. The Experience

  • A day that’s all about capturing you & your brand, loudly and authentically!
  • Hand picked location that will highlight the mood and vibe you’re going for
  • Professional hair & makeup application to keep you looking camera ready throughout the entire shoot
  • Outfit, prop, and setting changes to make each image pop, giving you variety in your final gallery

3. Delivery

  • Fully-edited gallery of images that reflect who you are, what you do, and who you do it for
  • 1:1 image review session to take the guesswork out of downloading & using your images on social media and the web
  • Discount on continued support and future services

Mini Brand Experience

A bite size experience that still packs a punch! These mini sessions follow the same system, but on a smaller scale.

Great for:

  • Photo newbies who have never had a photoshoot experience before
  • Brands who have seasonal changes in their products, offerings, or structure that require new photos
  • Content lovers who like to keep things fresh by doing multiple shoots a year

These are booked on a first come first served basis with limited spots per month.

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Here's What My Clients Have to Say


How does this all work, exactly?


I always encourage prospective clients to take a look around my site and my social media to get a feel for my images- both stylistically and how I pose. Make sure my style of photos aligns with you and your image goals before booking! I don’t do cookie cutter in any sense of the term, not with posing, styling, lighting, or my overall vibe and personality. Technically speaking, in most cases I use only natural light.

Not yet, but one day soon! Typically, I will shoot at your preferred location, whether its your home or office, or a rental location that fits your brand vibe. Unless otherwise noted in your specific package or offering, the rental fee for any space is additional to the package price.

From planning to the final delivery of the photos, the process can take anywhere from 4-8 weeks!  Each session has different goals and may have a different plan including pre-booking hair and makeup, a dream location that books out in advance, or a mock client who is only available on certain days. Either way, we create a plan tailored to you and schedule in a way that works best for everyone! 


Final images are always delivered within 2 weeks of the session date

Your images will be delivered through a personal gallery that is hidden unless the link is shared directly. Through this link you are able to view and download. I give specific download instructions that I pair with the link in your final delivery email. Following these directions makes us both look good!

Your contract allows for personal usage rights, meaning you can use the images on all of your social media accounts and your website, as well as in print and designs. However, for publications, magazines, or use by other brands, there is a different license that will need to be purchased separately.

Yes! I just started offering mini sessions wherever, whenever! Mini sessions are a great way to get to know me and my style to see if we jive for a long term relationship, and are also a great way to grab a few images for a specific project or goal in between fuller sessions.

(I also try to host marathon mini session days seasonally. When you see those special days posted, I recommend jumping on it!)

No, your contract does not require you to tag me. But, credit is always appreciated! Team work makes the dream work!

Get started today in order to create the brand and cohesive visual identity you've been dreaming of.