Brand Design with Monarch Collaborative

When you work with Monarch Collaborative, you’ll be working with a branding specialist to develop your very own Visual Identity. This includes digging deep into the heart of who you are, what you do, and the impact you have on your clients’ lives to create a presence that speaks for itself.

After building a solid foundation for your presence, we will tap into a custom strategy for how you can communicate this presence through visual elements such as brand photography and branded designs. We will also uncover how you can implement these assets so you get the most out of your investment

1. Visual Identity Audit


Wondering how well your existing branding efforts are working for you, or where to start? Receive a custom downloadable report that describes the strengths and weaknesses of your current brand strategy, and guides you toward a more powerful brand.

2. Visual Identity Creation

Starting at $3497

Every powerful brand needs a strong identity to make its mark on the world. The Visual Identity Creation package includes a high end logo, brand colors and fonts, mood images, and more. This package will serve as the foundation for all of your future brand projects and designs.

3. Visual Identity Maintenance*

Your brand is set- now what? Visual Identity Maintenance is the key to continuing the growth of your business and creating brand awareness.

With high end photographs and custom designs, this package will take all the guesswork out of your next steps. Whether you just need a few items to get the ball rolling, or want to invest in ongoing support, there are multiple packages to choose from that fit your individual needs.

*At Monarch Collaborative, we really value design continuity. While photography packages are open to all clients loyal and new, ongoing design and print collateral is limited to existing clients only.

Here's What My Clients Have to Say


How does this all work, exactly?

This is a loaded question but the answer is simple- it depends. Brand development starts with the initial creation which is priced at $3,497. From there, print and digital collateral prices range depending on the needs of each business. I tell prospective clients to anticipate investing $5-7,000 for their initial brand development, and at least $1,000 and change monthly as the brand grows.

The audit starts with a questionnaire to list all your current websites and social media accounts, as well as strengths and struggles. Once I have all your information, I review the accounts listed and your website. Following my exclusive audit guide I create a customized PDF with insights and suggestions to improve your visual identity. Ready to dive in? Book your audit now.

The process takes about 4-6 weeks when all the stars align. The final timeline of any design project is dependent on communication time, gathering the necessary materials, and the revision period

Maintenance packages are limited to existing clients only- design continuity is more easily achieved when there is only one designer or team on the project at a time. Each package is customized to the needs of the given brand; some brands need heavy social media content throughout the month where other brands have ongoing projects that only include single items per month. Wherever you’re at, a package will be designed for you and can always grow as you grow!

I really value my clients and the time and investment it takes to develop a strong brand and keep it going over time. For that reason, I reserve my time and energy for clients who have done the initial brand development process with me. If you’re ever in the market for a rebrand, feel free to reach out!

That’s not really how it works and yes you do. I am in the business of brand development, and that is much much more than a single logo. The logo is the thing that happens once you nail down all of the important pieces, and I can’t design anything without that foundation.

Yes, of course! However- this requires readiness, a strict timeline, and strong communication. If you can’t commit to this, we are better off booking one service at a time!

Yes, payment plans can be set up with advanced notice. Unless otherwise specified, all package fees are due at the time of booking.

Get started today in order to create the brand and cohesive visual identity you've been dreaming of.