Doglio Coffee: A Case Study

Doglio Coffee is owned and operated by an amazing Massachusetts couple who value authenticity, sustainability, and great tasting organic coffee! Alexa and Steve came to Monarch Collaborative with the goal of sharing their mission with their customers one cup of coffee at a time.

Since their initial launch in 2021, we have refined their previous logo design to encompass their brand goals and attract their ideal clients- which has led to amazing print and packaging collateral, drinkware, clothing design, and other strong visuals. This partnership continues to evolve with the growth of the brand; every new Doglio adventure leads to new designs, photos, and overall strategy.

Sip The Moment with Doglio Coffee.




Brand Concept

The logo designs, brand colors, and design elements are all inspired by the life changing trip to Doglio, Italy that started it all for Alexa and Steve. There is an overall influence by organic textures- linens, metals, bricks and stone. Teal as the pop of color was a no brainer as it is eye catching, yet calming and inviting.

Here's What Doglio Had to Say:

Kayla has transformed our brand and we truly consider her an integral part of our team. She knows exactly what we want/need – often before we even do! She is quick to turn projects around and is always exceeding expectations. She thinks 10 steps ahead and her creativity never lacks luster. Her services are one of a kind and we feel lucky to have her in our corner. Our collateral and visual identity constantly receives compliments and it’s all thanks to Monarch Collaborative.

Visual Brand Identity

The original Doglio Coffee logo consisted of a coffee stain with the word “Doglio” over it in organic text. It was presentable, but it felt very “cookie cutter”. Taking inspiration from the Doglio mission and overall vibe, we went with a clean, modern text to invoke the boldness of the brand. We kept the coffee stain and tagline “Sip The Moment” as both held sentimental value. The olive branch allows for beautiful details in designs and ties in the history of the brand’s foundation.

In 2022, we added hand drawn elements by fellow artist Riss Regan. These drawings have allowed us to create texture and flare through custom pattern design, as well as on social media and print designs. With the upcoming edition of a traveling Doglio Coffee Trailer, clothing line, can glasses, and new promotional materials, these hand drawn elements are key to keeping brand awareness high and brand growth even higher.

Brand Collateral

As the Doglio brand came to life, there was a need for a collateral suite that would storm the masses. Starting with business cards and story cards for shipping and delivery, then quickly moving on to menus, signage, merchandise, social media templates, photographs, drinkware, and product packaging! The project list is ever growing and we are always happy to tackle whatever comes next.

Get started today in order to create the brand and cohesive visual identity you've been dreaming of.