Sierra Grana: A Case Study

Sierra Grana is a soul gratifying coach, medium, public speaker and author. She pairs her natural gifts with her advanced business knowledge to help others find their purpose and create abundance with ease. She had spent years in the coaching space before finally deciding to take her business full time and invest in her brand. Sierra came to Monarch Collaborative to create a symbolic brand that was both personal to her and expressed the spiritual and impactful aspects of her services.




Brand Concept

With a color palette inspired by Sierra’s life changing trips to Egypt, we focused on soulful blues and elegant gold tones. We also incorporated a custom sky background which allowed for depth and texture within the designs, and also represented the divine spiritual energies used within her works. The overall brand messaging and vision was focused around personal connection, inner healing and growth, and believing in the power of the spiritual world as it relates to growth, abundance, and service to others.

Here's What Sierra Had to Say:

Kayla is one of the most professional branding experts I’ve ever worked with! Her eye for detail (even the smallest) is unmatched. I feel so comfortable knowing that my business will be branded without me worrying about how to look, at, or feel within these sessions. From start to finish, Kayla holds a high level of service that makes me keep coming back for me!

Visual Brand Identity

This brand identity is one of the most fully customized, personal designs we have ever done. It is chock full of symbolism- starting with the triangle, which is a shape often used to represent the spiritual growth to the point of the highest level of being. In the bottom right corner, there is a smaller, full triangle to represent Sierra’s husband, and two full lines to represent her children. The dove is a spiritual symbol to represent Sierra’s connection with God, spirit, and her mediumship. Paired perfectly with a cursive name font, this identity is both deeply personal and visually connective.

Brand Collateral

There was an immediate collateral need for business cards, which would be presented on Sierra’s retreats and given to other businesses with whom she planned to connect. We featured her tagline “Slow down to speed up; life is to be enjoyed not rushed,” as it is a key message of the brand. Our focus then shifted to regularly scheduled personal branding sessions, showcasing Sierra in multiple elements. We used these sessions to capture her in nature, in more of a business setting, and in a lifestyle setting. All of these photos allowed for Sierra to connect with others on social media and to showcase herself on her website.

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