Tinydragon Bytes: A Case Study

Tinydragon Bytes is a one-stop-shop creative agency focusing on web design & development, graphic design, SEO integration, content strategy, and more. Founder and Designer Aya first came to Monarch Collaborative in 2019 for personal branding photography and from there the relationship flourished!

Tinydragon Promotions was the original name, but through the growth of the business, it was necessary to tweak it a bit to encapsulate all of the brand’s goals and visions. It represents a focus on digital works, creativity, artistry, and holds personal symbolism to the tiny dragon herself!

Since our initial meeting in 2019, we have focused on rebranding Tinydragon Bytes completely, including a full visual identity creation, multiple personal branding sessions, and social media templates.




Brand Concept

This not-so-bite-sized design features the power of the tiny dragon, the nostalgic feeling of World Wide Web design, and the straight forward digital visuals that are a laptop and desktop. We had ourselves a little “pun” with the bite mark, communicating the brand’s focus on out of the box thinking and fun edginess. With earth and fire tones alike, the brand colors are bold just like the work put out by Tinydragon Bytes.

Here's What Tinydragon Bytes
Had to Say:

I have worked with Monarch Collaborative for a few years and often recommend Kayla for branding, albeit logos, brand guidelines, brand photography… you name it! Kayla makes you feel comfortable with the uncomfortable. Simply by talking to her for a few minutes, you know she puts her heart and soul into every project. She works with you and your business to ultimately create your vision and make it come to life. Next time you are looking to brand or rebrand, you want Monarch Collaborative!

Visual Brand Identity

The original TDB logo consisted of a rigid, harsh looking dragon, that while still a dragon, wasn’t THE dragon, you know? Cultivating a soft, yet fierce dragon silhouette allowed for a balanced design when pairing it with the laptop and desktop icons; no one icon outshadows the next. Having both a desktop and laptop in play suggests a focus on the digital with a side of adaptability. Sourcing a pixel inspired font was the icing on the brand identity cake, bringing forward a level of nostalgia and playfulness that attracts the ideal clients.

Brand Collateral

After completing the visual identity rebrand, it was important to carry those efforts through with a focus on personal brand photography and social media. Our photoshoot efforts were spent focusing on the new services being offered at TDB, as well as on the creative director herself! We followed up with a curated set of social media templates, creating ease for the TDB team as they adjusted to the new brand guidelines.

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