Rachael For Real: A Case Study

Rachael For Real is an amazing blog run by Rachael: wife, mom, fitness instructor, and all around small business wiz! The blog was created as an extension of her previous brick and mortar fitness studio, but quickly became the main event. Rachael first came to Monarch Collaborative to brand her fitness studio as it switched to online only services, but this quickly evolved into something much more. Not only would the brand focus on fitness, but it would also focus on family, fashion, and food as well! This rebrand expanded the original business and allowed Rachael the freedom and creativity to express all of the things that she loves and is knowledgeable on!




Brand Concept

The color palette was an extension of what we originally created for her fitness brand, but in a wider, more muted range. The focus on color was important, so that the brand could be cohesive while still being able to visually represent all four sectors. We developed a simple line icon for each of the sectors to bring an illustrative element to the identity creation.

Here's What Rachael Had to Say:

I have worked with Kayla and Monarch Collective on numerous occasions and each time has been better than the one before. From our first conversation Kayla understood not only my brand, but my vision in what I wanted to create. When Covid hit and my business pivoted (like so many others) Kayla dove right in with me and helped to create my new branding in the most seamless way. We were able to maintain the integrity of my original brand and update it to reflect the new direction I am headed. She is the epitome of professional, and I would highly recommend anyone looking for branding reach out to her – you will not be disappointed!

Visual Brand Identity

The brand identity had to be a balance between the focus on Rachael as the blog expert, and also on the four main elements of the brand. The smooth, handwritten font lends to the personal nature of the brand, given that most if not all that is shared comes directly from Rachael herself through her own experiences. The main logo is paired with a text line of what the brand is all about, making it the perfect header image. The four icons are simple, easy to understand, and present well in any arrangement.

Brand Collateral

Our first experiences working with Rachael were again focused on her fitness business. So, our original set of photos were in her home studio where she was filming her trainings for clients. Thankfully, her brand colors remained fluid through the rebrand, so we were still able to use those photos to represent the fitness leg of the business! On her next shoot, we focused on fashion, food, and general behind the scenes shots of Rachael hard at work on the blog! Rachael balances the brand visuals out by taking her own photos of her kids and day to day meals, recording workouts, and sharing her shopping hauls with her viewers!

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