Bookkeeper by Trade: A Case Study

Bookkeeper By Trade takes the mundane, stressful task of bookkeeping and brings it to a level of empowerment and ease, helping clients to understand their money and make more of it! Founder and money boss Sarah brings a refreshing approach to bookkeeping, specializing in working with small business, services providers, and creatives. With both done for you and DIY services in play, Sarah makes sure that her clients have all of the tools to meet their goals and grow their businesses.




Brand Concept

The BKBT journey started with personal branding photos and evolved into a complete identity creation. After showing up in her content with confidence and making new client connections, Sarah decided to go all out and elevate her visual branding entirely. The approach here was simple: take the usually scary, very green, hide-behind-a-calculator idea we have about money and create a brand that made money fun again. With this approach, the brand not only made money relatable and exciting, but showed that Sarah was both of those things as well! She provided the base of the color palette herself, incorporating colors that she liked, but that would also attract her ideal clients. We took the color suggestions and ran with them!

Here's What Bookkeeper by Trade Had to Say:

Kayla will forever be my go to when it comes to Photography! Kayla just has this natural way of making people feel at ease. As a bookkeeper I am very much behind the scenes and comfortable back there to say the least. Being front and center for a photoshoot felt awkward at first, but Kayla made me feel comfortable almost instantly, it was just like talking and laughing with an old friend. Having beautiful professional photos that I can use to promote and sell my business is endlessly valuable. When it came to my branding it was really about branding myself and building relationships with potential clients. I can honestly say that Kayla has helped me do just that and more. It’s also always fun to work with a fellow female business owner that truly loves what she does. I am so grateful to have found her!

Visual Brand Identity

I’m just going to say it: this one was probably too fun to create! We chose the piggy bank and diamond icons to allow for money inspired elements, while getting to be a bit quirky and bold. The alternate logo design was modeled after a game token used in arcades. The piggy bank submark may be little, but it is fierce in its ability to drive home the brand awareness with ease.

Brand Collateral

As the BKBT brand grew, there was a need for brand collateral to highlight new services and to maintain strong brand awareness. There was a big focus on personal brand photos as Sarah is the face of the business, but we also focused our efforts on design collateral for social media and an online course. Sarah prioritizes photos about 2 times a year and we have so much fun together each time!

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