Kate Mason: A Case Study

Kate Mason is an amazing massage therapist and reiki practitioner who opened a brand new wellness studio at the start of 2022! We started working with Katie in 2021 on her personal brand images, and then quickly moved to a new brand identity altogether. With a focus on the mind, body, and soul, Kate delivers healing with a holistic approach, leading clients to return again and again!




Brand Concept

With the opening of her new wellness studio, Kate wanted to expand her service offerings. Previously, she just focused solely on massage therapy, but after receiving her reiki master certification, she wanted to offer energy healing services as well. Our brand efforts were spent focusing on showcasing connectivity, spirituality, and these two healing modalities through strong designs and photos.

Here's What Kate Had to Say:

Kayla, what an amazing experience you created, especially for my branding session. From chatting and getting comfortable during the hair and makeup portion, to the fun we had while you were getting the shots. You expertly captured the vibe and look I was going for. The pictures speak for themselves. I absolutely love them and can’t thank you enough! You are a true professional! I also can’t say enough about your work and professionalism. I knew I was in good hands; the design is absolutely perfect. You have no idea how many compliments I’m getting on my logo! Your ears must be ringing! It’s better than I could’ve imagined. Thank you so much!

Visual Brand Identity

The color palette used was rooted in relaxing neutral tones, with a focus on blue as a calming color. The other colors chosen were to anchor the blue and to allow for a variety in design. The icon in the design was inspired by a photo of Kate meditating in one of her favorite vacation spots! The figure within the icon was meant to be gender neutral, but to mimic the same pose that Kate was in in the photo. This icon allows for a personal touch while still allowing consumers to picture themselves within the brand.

Brand Collateral

Kate’s first session was focused on the personal side of her brand and just touched upon reiki a bit as it was only an idea at the time! Her next session focused on capturing her new space, showcasing her therapeutic massage skills, and capturing her use of reiki during her session. The use of mock clients was key in both sessions to show not only the client experience, but to allow viewers to see Kate within her element, highlighting her expertise.

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